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               Before you reinstall Windows XP - Fix Speed Problems Here - Fix System Errors Here   


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Windows XP Professional

Windows XP X64 Professional

Windows XP Media Center Edition ( MCE)

Windows XP Home

  • Builds on the strengths of Windows 2000 and NT, making it more powerful and stable than previous operating systems.
  • Wireless 802.1x Networking Support provides secured access, as well as performance improvements for wireless networks.
  • Runs hundreds of programs that didn't run on Windows 2000 and enables you to set up your system to run in compatibility mode
  • Encrypting File System provides the highest level of protection from hackers and data theft by transparently encrypting files with a randomly generated key.
  • User State Migration Tool can migrate a users data and application/operating settings from their old to their new desktop.


  • Windows Messenger lets you instantly communicate with friends and family all around the world from your computer, using text chat and even voice and video.
  • Learn to keep your computer and personal data more secure with Windows XP
  • Automatically keep your PC up-to-date with the latest security enhancements including the Windows Security Centre, Windows Firewall, and more to help protect it from viruses and worms that can spread through the Internet.
  • Quickly set up and connect all the computers, printers, devices, and an Internet connection in your with the all new Network Setup Wizard. Sharing a computer with others has never been easier; quickly access your personal files and accounts without having to close applications or restart the computer.
  • If something goes wrong with your computer, you can easily remove and roll back any system or application changes without losing files and other valuable information
               Before you reinstall Windows XP - Fix Speed Problems Here - Fix System Errors Here   


UPGRADE TO VISTA : Before you install or purchase Windows Vista you should make sure that your computer is compatible, click here for hardware and system requirements plus run upgrade advisor that is available from the link provided. This will allow you to checkout your system before you purchase or open the Windows Vista packaging.

UPGRADE TO 7 : Windows XP cannot be upgraded to 7, you can parallel install or completely replce XP using the upgrade CD.

  Click here for Vista Upgrade Advisor

Click here for 7 upgrade Advisor

All versions of XP are available in our astore's at: and


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