Change Motherboard and Save Windows


This guide is in place to help you replace the motherboard of your computer without loosing the operating system. Since original published a few years ago quite a few changes have been made, and we are always interested in any tips you may wish to have added, all credit will be given to yourself, and shared freely from this website. Email [email protected] with all feedback. 

Introduction  -  Pre-action Inaccessible Boot Device -  General User Tips & Comments

Windows XP  -  Windows 2000  -  Windows NT  -  Windows 98, 98SE & ME




An introduction on how to change your Motherboard and save operating system

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What you can do before you change the motherboard to help make the process alot safer and easier.

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Inaccessible Boot Device 


Procedures for getting past this error. Several procedures to help you bypass this common problem that happens after changing the board.

Part 1 - Part 2


General User Tips & Comments


General tips and comments for helping you perform this procedure and make it as easy as possible.

Tips - Comments


Windows XP


Operating system specific procedures for Windows XP Home and Professional.

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Windows 2000


Operating system specific procedures for Windows 2000 Professional.

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Windows NT 


Operating system specific procedures for Windows NT workstation.

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Windows 98, 98SE & ME


Operating system specific procedures for Windows 98, 98SE and ME

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This a guide sent to us by Lee Kenyon of Seattle, WA. All we have done is converted it to HTML and published it in it's original state. There maybe a few inaccuracies and typo's, but as far we can see it a great piece of work. Well done Lee.

Also thanx to James Goebel for his XP tips and Erik Tremblay for his article INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE PROCEDURES PART 2

Due to it's popularity this article has now been edited several times by the webmaster

This guide was last updated on: 11th Sept 2006