(See the Win2000 section for more detail on any solution; methods that work for Win2000 are reported to also work well for NT)

  • Note:  Windows NT requires a mini-port driver to communicate with the boot controller. If the device driver is corrupt or incompatible with your controller, you can replace it by copying a new drive to the %systemroot%\system32\drivers folder or through the Emergency Repair process. On computers running on a SCSI controller or ATAPI enabled systems, SCSIPORT.SYS and DISK.SYS (Windows NT 4.0 only) device drivers are also required to successfully boot.

  • If you attempt a "WINNT /B" installation, you may receive a STOP 0x7B before mass storage detection takes place. To work around this, when the computer reboots after the initial file copy, press F6 as soon as "Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration" is displayed. This will allow you to add a mass storage device at the very beginning of text mode setup.

ARTICLE-ID: Q125933 TITLE : STOP 0x0000007B: Inaccessible Boot Device After Removing CD-ROM

ARTICLE-ID: Q164471 TITLE : Replacing System Files Using a Modified Emergency Repair Disk