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  • How to do a fresh clean install of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, an upgrade, an install, a repair, Parallel installs, reinstalls and OEM installs.

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Repair, Uninstall, Upgrade, reinstall, install and Troubleshooting Microsoft's Windows Vista Ultimate Edition





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Pre-Install Guides

Vista Ultimate Forum
CD-Rom in BIOS
Unmountable Boot Volume
Minimal system specs
Preinstall Checklist
Ways to Reinstall
Install/Reinstall Guides
OEM Install Guides
Vista Ultimate New HDD Install
Vista Ultimate Parallel Install
Vista Ultimate Format & Reinstall
Vista Ultimate No Format & Reinstall
Vista Ultimate Uninstall Guides
Hard Drive missing Guides
Vista No HDD Install
No HDD Parallel Install
Vista No HDD Reinstall

Repair Guides

Ultimate - Repair Memory
Ultimate - Repair StartUp
Ultimate - System Restore

Post Install


Boot Disks

Change Motherboard

Large Hard Drives

Registry Tips

Service Pack Downloads


Other Vista Links

Extra Help
Hardware Requirements
Vista Screenshots
Vista Videos




    Windows Vista Ultimate provides everything you need to:

  • The first things you'll notice about Windows Vista Ultimate are its elegant looks and how it helps you with essential tasks. It's easier to work with and visualize your information with Windows Aero. You can conveniently arrange and manage your open windows using Windows Flip and Flip 3D. And you won't have to click to see your content because live taskbar thumbnails reveal it.

  • Every day you have to hit the ground running at full speed. Now, with Instant Search, you have a faster way to find whatever you need on your PC, on your network, or on the Internet. Whether you're looking for an e-mail from a colleague, a picture of your mom, a spreadsheet from last quarter, or the website for your kid's homework, you only need to start typing in the Search box on the Start menu.

  • You can organize your files any way that you want and immediately sort and filter information based on file type, saved date, or the name of the file creator. Watch this demo to see how Windows Vista helps you find and organize information.




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Vista Screenshots - Compare Microsoft Windows Vista Versions - Vista Upgrade Advisor

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System and hardware requirements          

CD-Rom Support Compare Vista Versions - Upgrade Paths for VistaChange CDRom in BIOS Run Vista Memory Tests

Service Pack Guides         

Run Vista System Restore from DVD  - Vista System and Hardware Requirements Repair Vista startup Problems



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