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Reinstall Windows Guides


A reinstall of Windows is the replacement of an already present operating system. So if you wish to format (or not) your hard drive and put Windows again onto this drive then these reinstall guide are for you. Same as a clean install but with the removal of all traces of the previous operating system. You can use this guide also for replacing an older Windows with new. Lets say you have XP , and now wish to replace this with Windows 7 using the same hard drive, then these guides are for you. The reinstalling Windows Help on this site is probably why most people come here. Notes:

  1. Doing a reinstall (without a format) will allow you to salvage data from your previous operating system.

  2. A reinstall will not fix hardware errors, but will help point you in the correct direction by ruling out operating system issues.

  3. Also if possible try doing a parallel install which is were you install Windows along with a previous operating system. The parallel install will usually be on a different drive or partition to the original.

Fresh installs (On a new Hard drive), repairs, uninstalls and upgrades are also covered in different sections of this site, click on the links above (Or Below) to find the guides relevant to your operating system.

Reinstalls are the primary type of installs done as most people already have an operating system and need to fix/replace for many reasons from hardware to software issue, but if issues continue then a full "Clean Fresh install" on a new hard drive is recommended.

So to sum up, if at all possible do a clean fresh install on a new hard drive, this will give your computer a jump start in the world with a bright and shinny new Windows Operating System. Now select your operating system for the reinstall guides.

The advantages/disadvantages, and different ways to install windows are covered more in depth here. The full step by step guides can be found here:

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