Microsoft's Windows XP Professional X64 Windows Install step by step


Welcome to Microsoft's Windows XP Pro X64 Windows Install step by step. This will give you an idea on how to do this when and if the time arises for you to either reinstall the operating system, install for the first time or upgrade your present operating system. This install guide is fully graphical and will take you through each step of the installation. 

What you will require to do this walkthrough is 

  1. A Computer that has a 64 Bit Processor

  2. A Windows XP Professional X64 CD

  3. A Computer with CD-ROM access

To start this Windows install insert the CD from the desktop. The CD will autorun, else go to My Computer, the CD-ROM drive and double click on the "SETUP.EXE" file. The install will begin.

 Remember to backup all important information before performing this task.


Click here for Part 1



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