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Always prepare and have everything close at hand before starting to build a PC. This will save a lot of time when you come to put it all together. There is nothing worse than when you forget that you needed a screw driver after going to a friends house to build his PC.

SCREWDRIVER : Invest in a good screwdriver that has the following features. Multiple heads and a telescopic Magnet (So that you can easily pick screws up when you drop them into the computer. (believe me it happens))

PLATE : Borrow a plate from the cupboard to hold your screws, stands and other bits and bobs that could easily be lost. See below Image.

CARDBOARD : This usually comes from the box that the case is shipped in, you will need this especially if you are doing the work on your dinning room table. Open the box fully and set it down, this is now your work surface. See Below Image, case is sitting on cardboard box that it was shipped in, protecting the good table.


ELECTRICITY : You need this to test your computer. So have an extension cable with multiple adapters that reaches your work area. 

STATIC : Take anti static precautions, before handling electrical items, touch the internal metal of your case, you can also buy anti-static wrist bands if need be.

PLASTERS : Keep a few plasters lying about, there are quite a  few sharp edges inside the case and the odd time you can get a small cut (worst cut I ever got required 6 stitches).

ALCOHOL : I find a few tins of beer or a bottle of wine helps, it turns the job of building your computer into something less work related, and makes it far more enjoyable. Remember don't drink too much, and if you do, stop working on your computer. (Not recommended for your first time build or if you are under the legal drinking age)


   Click here for Build your own computer step by step tutorial Part 3




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