Well for this I will show you the install for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Now follow the following steps.

1) Insert your Windows NT 4.0 CD and Disk 1 of your 3 NT Workstation setup disks

2) Once this is done boot up system.

The following screen now appear and Windows NT will detect your hardware configuration.

Soon you will see the following . Insert NT setup disk 2 and hit enter.

Now the following menu will appear, press "ENTER" to start repair.

You will be now prompted to search for mass storage devices (CD-Rom in most cases), press enter to continue or "S" if you have a SCSI device.

Now insert disk 3 of your Win NT Workstation setup.

Windows has found a CD-Rom. Press enter to continue. If you have SCSI devices you will have to hit "S" to specify.

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