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Windows XP

XP support ended April 8th 2014

There are 4 versions of Windows XP, click on the relevant link for the website that contains the guides covering the version you have. We will show you how to do a fresh clean install of Windows XP, a Windows XP  upgrade, Windows XP install, a Windows XP repair, Windows XP Parallel install, Windows XP OEM installs, reinstall, windows XP compatibility, windows XP requirements, how to Windows XP, and Windows XP uninstalls.

Windows XP was released 24th August 2001 and was the successor of Windows 2000 and ME, support for this operating system will cease on the 8th April 2014.

All versions of are available in our at: and

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Windows XP Home Edition

Intro: Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop. XP Home guides can be found here.

Windows XP Media Center

Intro: This version of XP is only available to system builders and OEM computers. Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition lets you do everything other Windows XP PCs do—and a whole lot more. Browse the Web, play your favourite PC games, e-mail and instant message your friends, and install and use programs designed for Windows XP. XP MCE specific Guides can be found here

Windows XP Professional

Intro: Microsoft Windows XP Professional is designed for businesses of all sizes, and for individuals who demand the most from their computing experience. XP pro guides can be found here.

Windows XP Pro X64

Intro: This version of XP is only available to system builders and OEM computers. Released 25th April 2005 this version of XP (Actually its based on Server 2003) was made available to address 64 bit computing for the home and business users. XP X64 Pro specific Guides can be found here.

UPGRADE TO VISTA : Before you install or purchase Windows Vista you should make sure that your computer is compatible, click here for hardware and system requirements plus run upgrade advisor that is available from the link provided. This will allow you to checkout your system before you purchase or open the Windows Vista packaging.

UPGRADE TO 7 : Windows XP cannot be upgraded to 7, you can parallel install or completely replace XP using the upgrade CD.

  Click here for Vista Upgrade Advisor - Click here for 7 upgrade Advisor

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Windows XP Professional Windows XP X64 Professional Windows XP Media Center Edition ( MCE) Windows XP Home

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