Windows ME




What is Msconfig For Windows ME

MSCONFIG is a troubleshooting tool which allows you to disable software/drivers/etc etc from your boot up, this can help in troubleshooting problems and  also if you are trying to enhance performance. To access MSCONFIG, click on "START" then "RUN" and type "MSCONFIG" then click on "OK".

MSCONFIG has been updated from windows 98 as a result of the removal of Real Mode configuration from the Windows ME operating system boot process.  Access to System Restore and Static VxD configuration is also provided. 

New features on the General tab include direct access to System Restore and File Extraction, replacing that feature in System File Checking (SFC).


Selective startup options in MSCONFIG include:

  • Process System.ini file

  • Process Win.ini file

  • Load static VxDs

  • Load Startup group items

  • Load environment variables