Windows ME




Windows ME Batch Install Automate the entire process

The program you need is called Batch 98 and is located on the Windows 98 CD (CD:\tools\reskit\batch), you will have to acquire this file for the process and it allows you to specify parameters for the installation of windows ME ie name, time zone, keyboard layout, options which setup usually asks you during the install process.

Once run it will produce a text file. Save it as msbatch.inf and placed in the same folder as the setup files, Windows ME will run it automatically. Follow the next steps to configure.

  1. Copy the WIN9X folder from your Windows CD to the Hard Drive

  2. Now browse to the \tools\reskit\batch folder on the Win98 CD

  3. Double click on the Setup.exe file

  4. Choose the "Gather now" option.

  5. Once complete save the file as msbatch.inf in your win9x folder that you copied to the hard drive

  6. Now burn the Win98 folder onto a CD, in future install windows from this it will install all your own preferences automatically.

For Further information refer to the batch98.chm file in the same folder on the Windows 98 CD.