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Converting FAT disks/partitions to NTFS

Windows 2000 prefers NTFS.  If you have a Windows 2000 system with FAT drives, and have decided you'd rather be on NTFS, here's how you change it.

Click on "Start/Run"

Type "convert c: /fs:ntfs"

If it is the "d:" drive type "convert d: /fs:ntfs"

etc etc for different drives



Changing Dual-Boot Option

If you installed Windows 2000 and another operating system, you may have opted for Dual-Boot. By default, Windows 2000 makes itself the default option when booting, and displays the menu for 30 seconds.

To change this : 



Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 2000 has some built-in support for keyboards that have the Windows key, as below :

Windows Key =



Installing a Windows 2000 Upgrade CD without a Previous OS installed

Begin the windows install as if it was the full version, during the install you will be prompted for a previous operating system, at his point put your old operating system CD in the drive and browse to the I386 folder (for Windows NT), WIN9X folder (for Windows ME), WIN98 folder (for Windows 98) or WIN95 folder (for Windows 95). Click ok, the windows upgrade will confirm this is a full version and continue with the upgrade (after you replace the upgrade CD