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Windows ME Setup Switches

Setup switches for Windows ME

To use setup switches you will have to go to the Dos prompt on you Windows ME CD and type SETUP (space) (switch). for example to get a list of switches type 

setup /?





/?A list of the Setup switches./DDisable present Windows configuration.
/CSetup will not load SmartDrive/IQDoes not check for cross-linked files
/IDSkips the disk-space check./IMSkips the memory check.
/INRuns Setup without the Network Setup module/IRSetup will not  attempt to write to the boot sector.  
/ISDoes not run ScanDisk./ITSetup will not check for the TSR's
/LLoads the Logitech mouse driver C/NRun Setup without a mouse. 
/NMBypass processor detection /PASetup uses only Safe Detection of hardware
/PNDisables windows recovery mode/PBPrompts you before a detection module
/P FCreates a new Registry. (There's a space between the letters)/T:TMPDIRSpecifies the directory where Setup will copy the temporary files.If the  directory doesn't exits, Setup will create it. Any existing files in the directory will be deleted. 
/IESkip Start Disk Menu/IHRun Scandisk in foreground
/IMSkip check for low Conventional memory/ISDo not run scandisk
/IVNo  billboards  


If you need to download boot disks then go here as we have them all available: downloads












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